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3 Fun Facts About Taxis You Didn’t Know

Updated: Apr 22

A lit up taxi sign on top of a car

We have all used taxis in our lifetimes. They’re reliable, practical and an easy way to navigate towns and cities. If you regularly use taxis or you jump in one on the odd occasion, here are some fun facts about this type of transportation to bear in mind the next time you use one.

The longest taxi journey ever taken was from London to Sydney

When you think about the journey between the UK and Australia, you normally think about the very long flight that most people take to get there. Being on the other side of the world, it’s really the only practical mode of transport, but not for three Brits: Leigh Purnell, Johno Ellison and Paul Archer. These three Londoners departed on the round-the-world trip in a Taxi in 2011 and reached Sydney in May 2012 after clocking up a massive £79,006.80 on the meter.


They took on the challenge joking that taxis choose to take the long way round to get anywhere. Although this isn’t true, the route itself covered 50 countries, 43,319 miles, took 15 months and raised £20,000 for charity.

Only 2% of London cab drivers are female

London is full of taxis, from Ubers to Black cabs, yet only 2% of these are driven by females. This means that out of 21,000 taxis, only 420 are driven by women and the other 20,000 are driven by men. It’s certainly a viable career choice for many women and in some cases, it would make some passengers feel more comfortable to be driven by a woman, so we definitely want more women to pursue this field.

Passengers have left strange items in taxis

It’s easily done, you arrive at your destination, pay the fare and jump out. It’s not until the taxi has driven away that you realise you’ve left your phone or jacket on the back seat. It’s normally pretty easy to be reunited with your lost item if you call the taxi firm straight away.


However, there are some weird and wonderful things that have been found in the back seats of a taxi. These include £1 million in cash, a live lobster and an engagement ring. And perhaps the craziest thing that has been reported to be left in a taxi is a living, breathing human baby. Have you ever been in such a rush that you’ve left your own child in a taxi? Perhaps this can be a reminder to double-check your belongings before you exit your private taxi.


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