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Cabbies Turned Celebrities: 3 Famous Taxi Drivers

Updated: Apr 15

A driver in a yellow NYC taxi, one arm casually resting on the steering wheel while the other rests on a lowered window

As hard as it can be to imagine celebrities living lives out of the spotlight, there was a time when they would have had everyday jobs. Whilst some are born into fame, many celebrities came from humble beginnings, and for some that involved being a taxi driver.

We are, of course, biassed, but this is our favourite profession that some celebrities once had. As such, we’ve decided to write this ode to those famous individuals who once sat in the driver’s seat themselves. Read on to learn about three famous (once) taxi drivers.

Robert De Niro

One of the most well-known taxi drivers on this list - largely for his portrayal of a taxi driver on film - is Robert De Niro.

Now, De Niro wasn’t actually a taxi driver before he found fame, but became one because of his rise to it. He starred in Taxi Driver (1976), one of the biggest films of the 90s, directed by Michael Scorsese. In it, he stars as Travis Bickle, an ex-marine and Vietnam war veteran turned New York taxi driver.

As preparation for his role in the film, De Niro wanted to really understand every part of his character, and decided to obtain a full New York taxi licence. After doing so, he then ferried members of the public on general fares around the city for a month - allowing him to own the title of being an official taxi driver once upon a time!

His role in Taxi Driver ended up being a career-defining moment and remains one of his most recognisable roles in film.

Paul Stanley

Arguably most recognisable with his white face paint, black star painted across the eye and red lipstick, Kiss frontman Paul Stanley started off his working life by driving people to stadiums to watch artists perform at concerts before he took to the stage himself.

Whilst he always aspired to be a musician, before his days of fame he would make ends meet as a part-time taxi driver in New York. In an interview with Arizona Central, he famously said:

“I was a cab driver in New York City, and I remember driving people to Madison Square Garden to see Elvis Presley. I remember sitting in that front seat thinking, ‘One of these days, people are going to be coming here to see me.’ So, to go from that cab to the stage was a pretty good walk.”

Danny Glover

Arguably most well-known for his roles in the Lethal Weapon franchise, amongst many other films from the big screen, Danny Glover is known for being an actor and a political activist. What many may not know about him, however, is that he, too, used to be a taxi driver.

Working as a taxi driver in San Francisco before pursuing his dreams of acting, Glover actually used his experience during this time to successfully campaign against the discrimination of black passengers by cab drivers in New York City.

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