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Do You Use Taxis Regularly? Here’s Why a Personal Account Could Work For You

Updated: Apr 22

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Nobody wants to turn up to an event late, whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a client meeting or a birthday party. We rely on taxis to get us to and from important events and being on time is an important part of our everyday life. It’s helpful to find a taxi company you can trust and rely on and if they offer personal accounts, it makes booking with them even easier.


Do you regularly rely on taxis to get you from one place to another? If you’re a regular user of private taxi hire, it may be beneficial to open a personal account to make the booking process easier and aid the travel process for you, your family or your business.


Here’s why a personal account could work for you.

How do personal accounts work?

By opening up a personal account, you’ll become a priority customer and it allows you to book, manage and keep track of your travel expenses, all in one place. Personal accounts can often be used with a phone app, easing the process even more. You’ll be given your personal account number which can be put into the app or given to the staff member on the phone and your ride will quickly be booked. Before you start travelling with the taxi company, they may ask for a refundable deposit while your account is being set up.


You can book rides in advance, or right when you need them, so you will always be able to plan ahead when needed. This is particularly great for airport transfers or corporate meetings. Once you have taken your ride and you’ve been dropped off at your destination, you’ll be sent an invoice to pay for the taxi ride. However, if you opt for monthly invoicing, it makes it even simpler and you only have to make one payment for the rides you took that month. All your receipts and payments will be stored by us so there’s no need to worry about keeping track of your journeys.

Why use a taxi firm that offers personal accounts?

Booking a taxi journey with a new company that you’ve never used before can be stressful because you don’t know how reliable they are or if they will be able to pick you up in time. Rather than choosing any old taxi company that doesn’t offer the benefit of personal accounts, pick a private taxi hire service that will be much more reliable. It’s a great idea to pick one that can offer you a personalised service, streamlining the booking and payment process and making your experience much simpler.


By choosing private taxi hire with a personal account service, you’ll find it much easier to book your taxi rides and keep on top of payments. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your ride will always be a priority and it will get you to your chosen destination on time.

Benefits of a personal account

If you’re wondering why a personal account is better than your typical taxi service, here are the benefits of using a personal account:


-       Faster bookings -  A personal account will help you make your bookings much faster, either through the app or by calling the taxi company. They will have your popular destinations saved and will know exactly where to pick you up. A personal account will also ensure your journey is a priority over any others, making sure you can rely on the taxi to get you where you want to go.

-       Organise your travel requirements - Rather than worrying about whether your taxi will pick you up, your lifts will be organised all in one place and you can pre-set your future transportation requirements. This means that if you’re catching a flight, you can book the ride to make sure you get picked up in time to catch your important flight.

-       Simplifies payment - By setting up a personal account you can easily make payments for your ride without having to pay for each individual journey. It can be tedious to have to pay cash or card after every journey, but with a personal account, you’ll be sent a monthly invoice that will pay for each ride you’ve taken that month. You’ll then have 14 days to make the payment, meaning you’re in no rush to sort out your finances.

-       No need to keep receipts -  The lengthy task of keeping hold of your receipts and adding them up at the end of the month is not down to you when you have a personal account. The taxi company will keep track of all your rides and payment and ensure you stay on track with your invoices.

-       Access to an experienced accounts team - If you ever run into any issues, the personal accounts team will always be on hand to ensure your experience runs as smoothly as possible. They’ll quickly sort out any problems you may have with your account and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Who can benefit from a personal account?


Owning a business means you have a lot of responsibility to get yourself to places on time as well as your team. Consider this, your team has a meeting with a very important client and you would normally hop in a car on the taxi rank, but that day there were no taxis available and you had to call a company you had never used before, ultimately making you late to your appointment. Rather than leaving things to fate, setting up a personal account with a reliable taxi company, you’ll be able to pre-book the ride to make sure you and your colleagues can make it to important events on time.


If you regularly travel for business meetings, need reliable services for transporting visitors and VIPs or often run corporate away days, a corporate account is a beneficial option. This ensures all the annoying logistics can be left to the taxi company and you’ll always be punctual.


If you and your flatmates often need a lift into town before a night out, setting up a personal account will make this process much easier and you’ll be able to split the cost of your rides at the end of the month with your friends. It’s vital that the student population has the option of a safe ride home, so having private taxi hire available will make sure you are never left stranded.


If you find a taxi company you trust, setting up a personal account with them will make sure you can always find a safe way home. Also, if you’re a parent of a student, it may give you peace of mind to set up a personal account for your child so that they will always be able to get home. This way you’ll receive an invoice for any lifts they may have taken and you’ll feel confident they won’t get stranded anywhere.


If you’re a working professional in a city, it can be inconvenient to rely on public transport to get you to work on time everyday. Furthermore, if you take a taxi ride everyday, you may have to make up to 40 individual payments each month. However, if you set up a personal account, you’ll be able to pay at the end of the month, meaning your commute to work is made much more simple.

Lewis Taxis: Online cab booking made easy with personal accounts

Are you looking for a taxi service near me? Lewis Taxis is a reliable and private taxi hire service in Coventry. Our friendly team of drivers will get you from A to B quickly and on-time. We offer personal accounts to help keep your taxi rides organised and to make sure you’re never late to an important event. If you regularly take taxis, you could benefit from signing up to our personal account service to make sure you're never let down by a taxi again. Our personal accounts make payment and booking much quicker and easier, so all the stress is taken out of catching a taxi. For more information, visit our website.

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