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Flying From Birmingham

Updated: Apr 15

An aerial view of Birmingham during the evening, captured from above

With many Covid-related restrictions to travel lifting, it is a popular time to book a holiday abroad. Birmingham airport, based about 20 minutes from Coventry city centre is a popular choice for flights. There are steps that can make a trip abroad run much more smoothly. Ensuring timely travel to the airport can really help with this and booking an airport transfer can offer peace of mind that you will arrive on time for your flight.


Read more below for some information and advice on taking an international flight from Birmingham Airport this summer.

Current travel restrictions

Travel restrictions vary from country to country with guidance and restrictions changing regularly. It is worth checking the government website for the latest guidance on restrictions on international travel. Many countries impose additional restrictions if you are unvaccinated so it can be worth booking a jab if you haven’t already in order to be in the best position to travel internationally. Although this could change in the future, many of these restrictions are now lifted, with Greece lifting the requirement to show Covid passes when entering bars and restaurants by the 1st May 2022. The requirement to wear masks in the majority of venues will also be removed by the 1st of June in Greece.

Flying from Birmingham airport

Birmingham Airport, located around 20 minutes drive from Coventry offers fantastic options for national and international flights with over 12 million people flying through Birmingham Airport every year. For international flights, it is usually recommended that you arrive two hours before your departure time if you are checking in luggage. Check-in will typically open 4 hours before longer flights between 6 and 12 hours and 2-3 hours before short-haul flights between 3-6 hours.


If you are driving and parking at the airport it is possible to book a parking space with car parks 1, 2 and 3 only a couple of minutes walk from the terminal building. Putting together a checklist of items that you need in different bags can really help with a smooth transition through the airport. Keeping important documents in a single section or folder within your carry-on luggage can often help with this. There are also bus services to travel from Birmingham or Coventry to Birmingham Airport.

Booking an airport transfer

Booking airport transfer a couple of days in advance of a holiday or business trip can really reduce the stress in the lead-up to a departure. Most taxi companies will offer options to book a taxi either over the phone or online with many companies offering a range of vehicle options depending on the number of people travelling and the amount of luggage.

Contact Us

Lewis Taxis offer an airport transfer service catering to all airports within the UK. To book a taxi or airport transfer over the phone, call 024 7666 6666 or use our online booking form. Alternatively, you can contact Lewis Taxis at our customer service and enquiries email address, 

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