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Get the Most from Your Taxi Service

Updated: Apr 15

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Do you regularly use taxis? If you use them all the time, you know how useful it can be to have a car at your service. However, you’ve likely just been calling a taxi and then paying all this time, when you could be getting more from taxis by using a taxi service.


Here’s all you need to know.

Ask About Accounts

Find out if the taxi service offers personal or corporate accounts, depending on what you need. These offer a few benefits for the frequent traveller. You’ll be able to hire a car online and even book future trips. Most accounts will also make it simpler to manage your receipts, so you have all the records for your trips. This is particularly important if you are using the service for corporate trips.


Often, if you have an account with a service, you’ll be able to pay monthly rather than each trip. This can make the entire process much easier for all involved and you can set up regular trips as needed.

Request Specific Drivers

If you have a driver you enjoy, you may be able to request them again. Many people have a preferred driver who will take most of their trips. This is easy to do if you’re planning regular trips ahead of time, as you can sometimes book the same person to drive you each time.

Even if this isn’t available, you can always ask. Over time, you may end up with a few drivers that you prefer and can alternate between them. They’ll get to know you and this can result in better service.

Use a Private Service

You don’t need to hire a car and driver for your estate in order to get around in comfort. Rather, you can use a private taxi service and receive tailored care and service. The cost is lower, but you’ll experience similar benefits to having a private driver. It can feel quite luxurious to travel this way and no one needs to know that you are simply using a taxi.

It can be helpful in business interactions to have a car you can use, as well. It lends a more sophisticated image and gives you the ability to discuss matters in the car while travelling to a meeting place.


Are you in need of private transportation? If you regularly need a taxi, contact Lewis Taxis Midlands Ltd and set up an account with us to get even more benefits. We’re happy to take you where you want to go.

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