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Holiday Preparations: Why Arrange an Airport Transfer Service?

Updated: Apr 15

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As exciting and enjoyable as holidays are, if there’s one thing most people detest about arranging a holiday, it’s getting to and from their destination. A lot of planning and preparation goes into organising your travel, from arranging flights to arranging transport to the airport.

After all, the last thing you need is to miss your flight due to your satnav failing you or public transport being delayed!

That’s where an airport shuttle service comes in. By pre-booking an airport taxi in advance, you will be transported directly to and from the airport, ensuring that you make it with ease and plenty of time to spare. Read on to learn more about the benefits such a service offers.


Unless you can find a generous friend or relative to ferry you to and from the airport, the expenses involved can be rather steep. If driving yourself, you not only have to cover the cost of fuel, but you‘d also need to pay to keep your car securely in the airport’s long stay car park for the duration of your trip - a hefty price to pay, indeed.

As for public transport, such as trains, these are also rather expensive - especially considering that each person in your travel party would need their own ticket.

By using an airport taxi, you simply have to pay a single price for the journey, which can be split between a group if travelling with friends or family.

Stress-Free & Convenient

There’s no denying that being chauffeured is much less stressful than taking public transport, as well as being more convenient and comfortable!

When using public transport, you must ensure that you make it to each necessary station/platform on time, all whilst having to quite literally lug around your luggage at the same time. Furthermore, there’s every possibility that you’ll encounter delays, which is incredibly frustrating as these are out of your control.

Using a shuttle service mitigates this stress, since you are picked up directly from your door and dropped off at the airport, with your luggage safely in the boot as you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Guaranteed to Get from A to B

Unless you live near an airport, it’s fair to assume that you rarely make regular journeys driving to or past one. With this in mind, then you would likely be following a navigation system if choosing to drive yourself to the airport.

Whilst this shouldn’t be an issue in theory, there’s still a high chance that you could take a wrong turn or get lost on unfamiliar roads, delaying your journey. You then have to deal with the stress of trying to find a parking spot once you get there.

In comparison, taxi drivers will be used to making airport journeys on the regular, meaning they will know exactly where they’re going and may even know detour routes they could take in the event of traffic congestion or diversions, ensuring you get to the airport on time for your flight.

Book Your Airport Taxi

Do you have an upcoming holiday or business trip? Lewis Taxis will get you to the airport on time. Offering a nationwide service that covers all major UK airports, our drivers are on hand to offer a stress-free, comfortable ride whether you require a pick-up, drop-off or transfer between flights.

Get in touch with us today to book your airport taxi.

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