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How a Taxi Company Can Help With Corporate Travel

Updated: Apr 15

A driver opening the door of a sleek black car for corporate travel

As globalisation continues and the world grows smaller, travelling for business has never been more common or more important. Many corporate businesses will need their employees to travel distances every single day, whether that be a short taxi journey, or flying thousands of miles across the world, travelling has never been so crucial to the way we work. Due to this, taxi companies now work alongside corporate business to set up designated accounts for all of their travel needs. This, in turn, saves money, aids security, availability, and helps establish an important relationship with a proven, trusted taxi company in your area.

Corporate Travel Taxi Services

As mentioned, corporate businesses now utilise taxi companies for all of their travel needs, whether this is a short trip to a conference or meeting, or a transfer to the airport, there are many reasons why a business will use a taxi company. Below, we outline some of the key reasons how a taxi company can be used in corporate travel:

Conferences & Business Meetings

Conferences and large meetings are a common occurrence for many businesses or industries, with multiple meetings often set up in the same day or week, potentially in many different locations. A tailored corporate travel/taxi service is essential if your company is frequently travelling to a high number of conferences or meetings, avoiding last minute delays or even cancellations.

Airport Transfers

Corporate travel services are an ideal choice for companies who travel abroad frequently, with airport transfers provided by your corporate taxi service, allowing you and your employees to make it to the airport on time and in good hands. Airport transfers doesn't just include for your employees either, corporate travel will handle any potential airport pickups, drop-offs and transfers for business partners or potential clients travelling to visit your company from overseas. After all; a personalised corporate taxi service is surely bound to impress!

Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Exhibitions and trade fairs are events set up to showcase the work of companies inside a specific industry. Corporate travel events are fairly commonplace within the industry, allowing business partners to demonstrate their latest products and services to the public. Usually taking place over a few days, taxi services are used for travel either to and from the conference or potentially an airport.

Incentive Travel

Offered by a company or employer to an employee, incentive travel is, in essence, a reward. Typically a corporate sponsored trip, meeting or event, incentive travel schemes are designed to reward employees and create company loyalty, effectively balancing team building exercises, free personal time and essential corporate training.

Why Choose Corporate Taxi Services?

If you're a corporate business that has a large employee base who frequently travel or visit events and workshops, setting up a corporate taxi and travel service is absolutely essential. You’ll gain access to a scheduled booking system, arrange pick ups and drop offs in advance, simplify your billings and benefit from payment structures that will save money in the long term. Below are some of the key privileges of using corporate taxi services:

●      Scheduled and on time taxi service

●      Flexible booking

●      Guaranteed availability

●      Easy set up and billing

●      Simple repayments and invoicing

●      Trust & Security

Let's look at some of the main features of choosing Corporate Taxi services in further detail.

The Features

The difference between a standard taxi hire service and a corporate taxi service comes down to a few specific features. When choosing Lewis Taxis as your corporate travel service you will be gaining access to the following features and priority privileges:

Trust & Security

By using the same taxi company for all of your corporate travel services, you will quickly establish a level of trust and security otherwise unachievable. By establishing mutual trust between your company and theirs, you can be safe in the knowledge that drivers will arrive promptly and transport your workforce safely at all times. Remember, your business is just as important to a taxi service as a taxi service is important to your corporate business, and it’s this mutual, trusting relationship that will ensure your employees are safe, secure and always arrive on time.

Guaranteed Availability

As with any business, regular customers are always the most important, and therefore benefit from certain priority privileges other customers won’t be able to benefit from. As a corporate business, establishing a relationship with a taxi company and setting up a corporate travel account will ensure there is always an available taxi whenever you need it. Aside from this, you will also be able to schedule bookings, plan your travel services well in advance and achieve a priority status that will ensure you are transported safely and always arrive on time.

Pricing Structures

As with availability, setting up a corporate travel account provides a number of priority privileges when it comes to your payment options. Flexible piercing structures can be arranged to the most loyal of clients, to help cover the costs of your corporate travel over a monthly or sometimes even annual basis. This means that instead of paying for all of your journeys individually, a pricing structure will be arranged that will provide your company with all the arranged travel services you require at an already agreed cost that will save your business money in the long term.

Ride Monitoring

As an agreed upon security measure, all corporate taxi services can be monitored and tracked by GPS to further guarantee the safe journey of your employees. This ride monitoring system will provide live tracking updates of all journeys taken up by drivers so employees can monitor the whereabouts of their employees when travelling.

The Benefits

Now we understand the key reasons why businesses will use taxi companies for corporate travel, let’s take closer look at the key benefits that companies should consider when choosing a corporate travel supplier:

Priority Privileges

As suggested, a vital benefit of using a taxi company for your corporate travel services is the availability of transport, 24/7, no matter the circumstances. It’s not unusual for taxi companies to be extremely busy, particularly during peak hours, and in important moments this can cause serious issues. If you’re running late for a flight and in desperate need of a taxi, a corporate travel service account with a proven taxi company will guarantee they arrive and drop you off on time.

Simple Billing and Payment

When using a taxi company for your corporate bookings, you will be able to set up a simple and clear billing and payment system for your travel services. An online e-bill will be sent to your account that will provide you with every detail regarding the rides taken over the last month, this will typically include the driver’s name, taxi number, make and model, ride timings, duration, charges and more. This will avoid the need to constantly pay for individual fares, instead your payment will be handled and explained in one easy bill.

Lewis Taxis - Corporate Taxi Services Across The Midlands

When it comes to corporate travel, you need a reliable and affordable service that works around your business needs. At Lewis Taxis, we work with a range of business clients providing private transfers, airport drop-offs and more as part of our corporate taxi account services.

We blend technological developments with the core principles behind high-quality taxi services. As a modern taxi operator we’ve adapted to using a mobile app for bookings, which is much more convenient for the customer, and we now use a computerised dispatch system to improve the timing of our taxi drivers. As a business professional, organising corporate travel may be at the bottom of your checklist. Set up a corporate taxi account with us and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

You can organise, pay and manage your trips at the touch of a button. We offer 24/7 taxi services for both short and long distances in Coventry. Get in touch with us and register for a corporate travel account today.

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