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How Do Private Courier Services Work?

Updated: Apr 22

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As a business or individual, you may have important items that you need to send across the country. Rather than leaving this to unreliable postal services that may lose or damage your item, why not consider private courier services for your parcel delivery? This is a much more efficient way to send parcels and can ensure your item gets delivered on time and undamaged.


Here’s how private courier services work.

What is private parcel delivery?

Private courier services are a company or person that delivers packages from one place to another. There are a few well-known courier services, some more reliable than others. They are often used for eCommerce fulfilment as they are able to offer more localised or regional services. They can also deliver multiple packages and take responsibility for the item so the seller does not need to worry.


Depending on the size of your business, you may choose to use a public service such as the Royal Mail, however, as your business grows, you may want to opt for a more reliable and cost-effective delivery service such as a private courier. This helps you to meet the demand of your business orders and deliver a large number of packages.

How do private courier services work?

The process of this service will depend on each different company and where they are based. A company may choose to provide their own fulfilment to a local depot to be collected by a courier and then delivered to customers. Or they may pick up packages directly from the seller.


To minimise the amount of transport, couriers may pick up multiple orders and deliver them to specific regions or areas, therefore reducing the cost to the customer. Couriers can deliver multiple packages for many customers in one day by coordinating specific deliveries and reducing the number of journeys needed. You can either use one or multiple couriers to complete or necessary deliveries for your company.


A private courier delivery will look a little something like this:


-       Customer drops packages at the local depot

-       Courier collects packages from the local depot

-       Courier transports items to designated area

-       Courier delivers parcels to various locations such as homes or offices

-       Courier returns to local depot to collect more packages


If you’re looking for a quality private courier service, look no further than Lewis Taxis Midlands. We can provide parcel delivery across the UK for all parcel sizes- big or small. Get in touch with us today.

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