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Planning A Social Gathering In Coventry

Updated: May 29

Shot of Convetry cathedral

If you’re planning a social gathering, travel can form an important part of this event running smoothly. It is easier to plan an event when you have worked out a budget, possible dates and times and dietary preferences for attendees. Live sports or music events can provide a great opportunity to create an engaging social gathering. Looking up any upcoming concerts or games using a ticket website can also help narrow down some good dates for the event.


To see some more information on putting together an exciting social event, read more below.

Organising an event

Whether you are organising a work event or a social gathering, several approaches can make this easier. Putting together a group chat with attendees is often a good way to keep everything in one place. Online polling tools such as Doodle can be useful in helping decide a date if there is a large group of people planning to attend. Once you have an idea of the budget an event can then be planned to cater to this.

Things to do in Coventry

Coventry offers a great array of city attractions when it comes to organising a social event. The West Midlands city provides options for arts and culture, watching live sports or going for a meal out. There are options to visit museums such as the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum or the Coventry Music Museum. There are countless great restaurants based centrally with many based within walking distance of the train station with a taxi rank at the station for trips further afield..

Using an events planner

If you are booking a large event for work it may be worth considering using an events planning company. If there are a lot of moving pieces they will be able to ensure that large events are organised efficiently and cost-effectively. If people are travelling to an event in your city and will be arriving at a local airport, train station or coach station it can help them to provide local taxi services contact details and help with booking in a taxi. Overall, using an events management company can make a lot of sense with large scale work or social events that would be challenging and time-consuming to plan.

Booking a taxi

Taking a taxi to and from a gathering can allow all attendees to relax and enjoy the event. Most taxi companies will have the option to book over the phone or online. If you are organising a social gathering in advance it can be a good idea to get travel booked in advance. There are different options available for different sizes of taxis to cater to the number of people travelling. Booking in advance can also help get an idea of the budget which is often useful if the gathering is a work event.

Contact us

Lewis Taxis has been a Coventry based taxi company for more than 50 years. To book a taxi for a social gathering, for airport transfers and corporate events call 024 7666 666, use our online booking form or email with any questions.

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