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Taking A Taxi To The Airport

Updated: Apr 22

A woman stepping out of her car, carrying her luggage

Booking a taxi to the airport offers many benefits over driving. Parking is often costly and it can create added stress in trying to drive an unfamiliar route. It can also provide a better alternative to public transport if it’s a large airport as you can be dropped at the terminal you’re departing from. If you are bringing a suitcase then a taxi offers significant advantages over alternative options for travel. A taxi is also a great option if you are travelling for work providing the opportunity to focus on the journey to the airport.


Here are some tips for taking a taxi to the airport.

Planning ahead

To book the right taxi for your trip, you will need to know how many people are travelling, how much luggage is expected and the time you will need to arrive. Having a look at different options for travel can help with deciding how to pack and the best luggage to take with you. Taxi fleets will typically offer a range of vehicle sizes from 5 to 8-seaters so it is possible to book a taxi to the airport even in larger groups.

Booking in advance

It is worth booking in advance to ensure that a taxi is available at the time you need to set off for the airport. This can be done either over the phone or online. You should arrive 2 hours before your flight departure time to allow plenty of time to check in your luggage. If you are not checking luggage you won’t need to allow as much time. It is worth calling a taxi service to ask how long the trip to the airport will take if it’s not a familiar journey. This can also be a good opportunity to ask for an estimate of the price and whether cash or card is accepted. Choosing to book a taxi a couple of days in advance can provide a degree of security and organisation in the lead-up to a trip.

Booking the return trip

If you are returning a week or two later it can make sense to book both trips at the same time. This avoids time spent waiting for a taxi at the airport. It can also provide a better idea of your travel budget when your airport transfer is pre-booked. You can provide your flight number when you are booking the taxi so that your driver will be able to keep track of your arrival time and be updated with any delays. If you don’t book a taxi there will typically be taxis at the airport terminal. However, online booking options mean that you can book your return taxi whilst you are away offering flexibility for the return trip.

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