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Taxi Traditions: How to Hail a Taxi Around the World

yellow cabs in New York

Whether you’re on your home turf or travelling in a new city and country, taxis are one of the most convenient forms of transportation across the world, getting you directly from A to B.

With that being said, it’s well known that, depending on where you are, there are certain tricks to guaranteeing yourself a taxi ride, as well as many scams to look out for. Read on below as we discuss some of the different ways to hail a taxi around the world.

New York City

Ahh… New York, New York. A city that is the epitome of the phrase ‘hustle and bustle’, and renowned for its iconic yellow cabs. In film and television, we always see individuals waving their arm out on the street to signal the attention of a nearby taxi driving on the road, which will then pull up beside them to take them where they need to go.

But is it really that easy? The trick to hailing a taxi in this way is to look at the light on its roof. Most yellow cabs will have an illuminated number that can be seen on the roof above the windscreen - if you can see this number, then the taxi should be free and you can go ahead and hail it; if not, then it’s most likely already occupied.

Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, taxis are marked with the word ‘TAXI’ and feature yellow number plates as opposed to white ones, which are indicative of civilian number plates. They must also have the official company logo showing on the left front door. Whilst you can hail these on the street or get one at a taxi rank, it’s actually recommended that you ask your hotel to call one for you.

This is because your hotel will know the reputable taxi services within the city, so you can be sure that you will be using an official taxi service that charges the government-defined fares. Alternatively, you can ask your hotel for a list of reputable companies, then phone one of these yourself.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Taxis are readily available in Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands. However, due to the heavy bicycle and foot traffic throughout the city, taxis cannot just stop anywhere along the street to pick you up, so it isn’t the norm to hail a taxi from the side of the road.

Instead, it’s much easier and more common to get one form one of the local taxi rinks stationed around the city. Taxi stands can be found at most train stations, hotels and tourist attractions. It also isn’t uncommon for individuals to share taxis with strangers, which makes your individual fare cheaper!


Here in England, it’s also common to get a taxi from a local taxi rank. Although, one of the easiest ways to book a taxi here is to phone up and book ahead of time. If you regularly find yourself booking taxis, then you may find it more convenient to open up a personal account.

Here at Lewis Taxis, we offer a private taxi service through our personal accounts. Not only will you become a priority customer, but you will have full access and control over your bookings and expenses.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about setting up a personal account.

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