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Taxi Travel Safety Guide

Updated: May 29

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As with any form of transport, it's important to think carefully about your personal safety while travelling. Taxi drivers are a fantastic convenience for many people and often full of useful local information about transport, local restaurants, bars, things to do, and much more. As well as this, taxi drivers are experts on road safety and will know any unsafe neighbourhoods in the area you’re travelling and will be able to advise you accordingly.


With this in mind, here is our guide to making sure you are using a safe and reliable taxi firm such as Lewis Taxis for your next journey.

Use a registered taxi firm

It's really important that you call a registered taxi rather than hailing one down. When you use a trusted taxi firm, you have a number to contact if there are any issues and you know whose taxi you're stepping into. Hailing a taxi down (especially if you are travelling solo) can be somewhat risky.


You can also ask for the taxi number when you speak with the dispatcher so you are sure that you’re getting in the right car. Be sure you have the taxi number, or at least the company’s name and phone number, and their ID is visible in the taxi when you get in.

Let someone know you’re travelling in a taxi and your ETA

If you’re travelling to or from somewhere late at night, there is certainly no harm in letting someone know you’re hopping into a taxi and what time you are expected to arrive at your destination. This is just handy information to have and will help to put yours and the person/persons waiting for you at ease.

Make sure you can see a meter, a radio and a badge

All licensed taxi drivers’ cars come with a meter, a radio and in most cases, you will be able to clock some ID or a license badge. In almost all countries, a taxi driver has to carry and display an ID badge in the taxi. If you don’t clock a badge or a radio, we do not advise that you get into the car.


Lewis Taxis have been providing Coventry with reliable, efficient and most importantly, safe taxi services for over 50 years. Whether it’s an airport transfer or a local run, we’ve got you covered. Our fleet of vehicles includes a wide range of cars including executive vehicles. Whatever your needs, we are confident that we can offer a service to match. Contact us today to book your taxi!

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