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Top Tips to Ensure You Get to The Airport on Time

Updated: Apr 22

A traveler with a backpack stands in front of an airport departure sign

So you’ve had your holiday booked for months, spent weeks finding the perfect holiday outfits and packing your bags and now you are ready to jet off to another country. The last thing you want is a stressful journey to the airport and rushing to get through security to get to your gate on time. Flying can be stressful, and with more people travelling post-pandemic, the queues are longer than ever, so it’s vital you get to the airport on time.


Here are some tips to ensure you get to the airport on time.

Book an airport transfer

Rather than relying on a family member, public transfer or a random taxi company that you call up the day before, book a reliable airport taxi to get you to your flight on time. They will have plenty of experience with travel times, traffic and weather conditions to offer you a service that gets you where you want to be on time. Book a taxi at least a week in advance to ensure you secure yourself a transfer from a quality company.


Lewis Taxis Midlands offer a UK-wide service to all UK airports, whether you want a pick-up or drop-off. We aim to make your holiday or business trip stress-free with professional airport shuttle services.

Give yourself an extra hour

Even if you’ve calculated that you’ll arrive two hours before your flight departs, this may not always be enough time. You’d much rather be sitting at your gate, enjoying a beverage or grabbing some last-minute essentials before you board than missing it completely. However early you think you should leave, add an extra hour to that time. This can help if there’s unexpected traffic, long security lines or if you forget your passports and have to go back home.

Get plenty of rest

The night before your flight, go to bed early and keep off the alcohol. If you go out drinking the night before it will only make getting to the airport much more stressful. Get an early night and you’ll be much less likely to miss your alarm or be late for your airport transfer.


Keep up to date with your flight to see if there are any delays and make sure you eat plenty before your flight. It may be worth taking a snack with you to eat in the queue or before you board as time can be wasted if you have to stop to eat a meal.


Are you looking for reliable airport shuttle services across the UK? Lewis Taxis Midlands are on hand to help you. We ensure hundreds of people make their flights every year, so get in touch today to book yours.

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