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What Are the Most Common Items Left in Taxis?

Updated: Apr 22

A car key on a seat

At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all encountered the heart-stopping realisation that we have left one of our beloved belongings behind in a taxi.


Whether it’s your phone, wallet, purse or keys, leaving any of your belongings behind in a taxi is a stressful experience that has the power to ruin your day.


These are some of the most common items that are left behind in taxis so that you can ensure to never leave them behind again.



After a long day of travelling, the last thing you want to realise as you approach your front door is that you have left your keys behind in the taxi.


While most of us have done it at least once, keys can be a difficult item to return to the owner unless they remember to call the company back and check.


Mobile Phone

Most people have their mobile phone glued to them at all times, which can make leaving it behind in the taxi a particularly distressing experience.


Mobile phones are most commonly found after the night shift on a weekend - which points to the memory (and phone!) thieving culprit making people forgetful - alcohol.



In England, we have to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Even on the sunnier days, you can never be sure how long it will last, so it is instilled in us to always bring a coat with us wherever we go.


This means that people often wear their coat in the taxi, and realise it’s warmer than they expected so take it off and leave it behind.



As an expensive, luxurious home for all of your essentials, your handbag is one of the worst items you can lose.


Not only are the items inside the handbag some of your most necessary belongings, but the actual bag itself is often very expensive.


Next time you go travelling in a taxi, make sure to keep a firm grip on your handbag so as not to let this beloved belonging go missing.


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