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What Benefits Can a Private Courier Offer Your Small Business?

private courier

If you run a small, online business, then efficient courier services are imperative to the smooth running and success of your business operations. Reliable shipping not only benefits you, but it’s often reflective of your services from a customer perspective.

Whilst you have the option to use the national postal service or other well-known courier services, opting to use a private courier service can often offer more benefits to your business. Read on below as we discuss what these are.

Fast, Reliable Deliveries

Private couriers are much more likely to guarantee you fast and reliable parcel delivery. Unlike Royal Mail, who sees high volumes of parcels and will sometimes be affected by postal strikes, private couriers won’t have such an overwhelming number of parcels that need to be delivered each day. This allows them to ensure that your parcels will be delivered within the stated time frame that has been promised and paid for.

The same rings true when you compare private couriers to other nationwide courier services, such as DPD or Evri. Furthermore, due to the nature of these companies and the large number of people they hire to deliver parcels for them, many customers have experienced careless or unreliable deliveries through these services.

As for private couriers, they pride themselves on offering a first-class service, so you can rest assured that deliveries will be undertaken by a trustworthy and responsible member of their team.

Offer Customers More Flexible Options

When the option is available, many customers are willing to pay for priority or next day delivery. This isn’t always guaranteed with traditional postage and courier services. As for private couriers, many of these will offer comprehensive, round-the-clock services.

For example, here at Lewis Taxis, we offer both early hours collection and late night urgent deliveries to accommodate your needs.

By offering this flexibility to your customers, they are more likely to make last minute and repeat purchases, as well as leave positive reviews about your business.

Maximise Business Efficiency

When you use a private courier service, they will often pick up deliveries directly from your location. This saves you and/or your staff from having to take parcels to a drop-off location or pay extra to arrange a collection service.

In turn, this allows you to focus more time on business operations and saves you revenue, ultimately maximising the efficiency of your business and allowing you to maximise your potential earnings.

Courier Services in Coventry

If you’re looking for a private delivery courier based in the Midlands, then look to us here at Lewis Taxis. We offer a comprehensive, UK-wide courier service, so can rest assured that we can deliver parcels to your customers across the nation.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our service works.

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