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What Makes a Great Taxi Company?

Updated: Apr 22

Taxi cabs lining the city streets at night, illuminated by vibrant lights

There are many taxi services available these days, some of which are known for their unreliability. If you’re tired of having bad experiences with your taxi services, how can you ensure you get only the good companies? Here are some of the main things that make a great taxi company.


A taxi service isn’t much use if the taxi doesn’t arrive on time. You want a service that is punctual so you can trust them and know that they will appear on time. You book a service at a specific time for a reason, so it’s important that you have that trust and it is reciprocated.


A taxi should be clean and hygienic. Since this is essentially the office space for the driver, it ought to be cleaned and touched up throughout the day to prevent clutter and dirtiness. When you get into a taxi, you have certain expectations and a car service that does not meet those expectations is likely not going to be called again.

Local Knowledge

When you’re new to an area, it can be quite useful to have a driver with knowledge of the surrounding towns and countryside. Not only does this make it simpler to get where you’re going without delays, but they can give you advice. If you need to stop by a chemist or need a particular service, it’s nice to have a helpful driver. This is just a little touch that can make your journey much easier.

Responsible and Loyal

A responsible taxi service will not only ensure the taxi picks you up on time, but will also provide a high level of service. This may include providing door to door service and offering advice, but it can also include keeping anything forgotten in the taxi safe. You know you have chosen a good company when a taxi returns your forgotten phone or luggage.


Do you need a quality taxi service? Lewis Taxis is a service that is focused on providing an excellent experience for our clients. Wherever you need to go, we can get you there. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements or book your next taxi ride.

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