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What Makes a Successful Taxi Driver?

Updated: Apr 22

A man sat in a car with a woman giving directions in the backseat

A good taxi driver can make a huge difference to the quality of your journey, however, there is a lot of work that goes into being a successful driver.


Due to the rise of taxi-based app services like Uber and Bolt where taxi drivers receive direct feedback and ratings from each customer, it is now more important than ever to deliver excellent service to each passenger.



To ensure your passenger has the best experience in your taxi, it is imperative that you keep both your passengers and your own safety in mind at all times.


Sometimes, a taxi driver might drive too fast to ensure that their customer gets to where they need to be on time, however, it is far more important that they arrive at their destination safely, rather than on time.


Customer Service

An important aspect of a successful taxi driver is the customer service they provide.

While some customers may be brimming with questions about the city or town you are working in, others may prefer to sit quietly in the taxi, so it is your job to read each one of your customers and provide bespoke customer service to suit their needs.


If you are able to correctly provide the level of service each customer wants, then you will be very successful. This kind of service will get you positive feedback, recognition and retention rates.



Remind Them to Leave Positive Feedback

If you do work via an app or online booking agent, it is important to remind your clients to leave feedback after their trip.

Often, customers will have had an enjoyable trip but simply forget to leave feedback. There is an art to politely asking for a customer review and each driver will have his or her own methods.


Again, this depends on the type of customer you have and your own personal preference, but the more successful rides you complete, the better rating and recommendation you will have.


Offer Extras

A good way to be a successful taxi driver is to offer your passengers extras. This could be anything from mints and water, to USB ports and phone chargers.


These additional services will demonstrate that you are willing to go above and beyond for your customers and ensure that they have the best journey possible.


Taxi Service Near Me

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At Lewis Taxis Midlands Ltd, we have a team of experienced, friendly drivers offering a range of services including airport taxi service, private courier service and private taxi hire.


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