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What To Do If You Leave Something In A Taxi?

Updated: Apr 15

Inside of an empty taxi cruising along a dual carriageway

Whether returning from the airport, heading on a night out or travelling to work, it’s easy to become distracted and leave an item in a taxi. It can be helpful if you know the taxi company and the type of vehicle you were in when locating the lost item. It can also be worth making calls to any restaurants, hotels or venues the item may have been left at. If a bank card is lost, it is recommended to cancel the card as soon as possible and order a replacement.


The more information you have available about your trip, the more likely it is that you will be able to find your item. Information such as the date and time you were picked up and dropped off and your contact information are useful starting points. It can also be useful if you can provide a detailed description of the item that was lost. Details such as brand, dimensions, the colour of the item and any other identifying features are usually helpful.


Read more below for some different approaches and available options to locating any lost items.

Retracing your steps

Working out where you last had an item is a useful starting point in relocating it. You can then write a list of places where it may have been left that can be contacted. If you are not sure which taxi service was used, any receipts or bank statements will typically contain this information. If you have been to an event hosted at a specific venue it is worth emailing both the events company and the host venue to assist in finding the item.

Losing a phone

Several apps can be used to locate a lost phone. The Find My iPhone App, accessed using your Apple ID, can allow you to display a contact number on the screen of the lost device, play audio to help locate the phone or erase the data. Android Device Manager offers the same service for Android devices which can be accessed through your Google Account. Both these apps can provide the location of your device if it is switched on.

Losing an item while travelling

Losing an item if you are away from home can be very stressful. Taking out travel insurance can be a good idea to offset the cost of any lost items. It can also provide peace of mind while travelling. If you have lost an item on a flight, it is worth getting in touch with the airline. Most airports will also have a lost property desk where your item may have been handed in.

Contact us

At Lewis Taxis, we have an online form to fill in with details of any items you may have lost in one of our taxis. If you think you have lost an item in one of our taxis, we are happy to help.


To book a taxi for local trips in Coventry, airport transfers nationally and corporate travel call 024 7666 6666 or use our online booking form.

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