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What To Look For In A Courier Service

Updated: Jun 28

Delivery man giving package to recipient

Courier services deliver packages and parcels. In the UK, more than 5 billion parcels were delivered in 2021 and figures are expected to increase as online shopping becomes more commonplace. If you’re on the hunt for a new courier, this guide contains useful information to help you find a reliable, efficient parcel delivery service.

What To Look For In A Courier Service

Whether you run a business and you’re searching for a courier to deliver products, or you’re sending a single item to a friend or relative, it’s important to make the right decision when choosing a delivery service. Here are some key signs to look out for:

Customer Reviews And Feedback

More than 90% of us now check online reviews before making a purchase or contacting a company. Online reviews provide useful insight into customer experience and they can help consumers to locate trustworthy businesses that provide excellent levels of service and high-quality products. It’s always useful to search for reviews and read customer feedback when looking for a local courier service. Use reputable websites and make sure you view verified reviews.

Customer Support Options

If you have questions about delivery services, or you need help with your order or request, it’s hugely beneficial to be able to contact companies quickly and easily. You don’t want to waste hours on hold on a phone line or wait for days for somebody to respond to an email. Look for parcel delivery firms that offer responsive customer support options, including live chat and instant messaging, telephone lines and help via email.

Competitive Prices And Value For Money

Budget is an important factor for many customers. If you are on the hunt for a courier, it’s wise to get several quotes and compare prices. Search for the best value offers, rather than the lowest prices. You may find that you get more for your money if you pay for a comprehensive service package, for example.

Peace Of Mind

When you pass products and parcels over to a courier, it’s natural to want to enjoy peace of mind that your package will arrive in one piece. Focus on courier services that have the relevant insurance and make sure you understand the terms and conditions. It’s helpful to ask for proof of delivery and to ask about tracking so that you know where your parcel is and when it will be delivered.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge can be invaluable when making deliveries. Drivers with experience and knowledge of the areas in which they work understand how to plan efficient routes and navigate issues, such as traffic and road closures.


Couriers provide a critical service for individuals and businesses. If you are looking for a parcel delivery service, it’s advantageous to spend some time researching companies. Read reviews, compare quotes and search for courier services that prioritise customer support and service, as well as fast, efficient, safe and affordable delivery options.


If you’re searching for a courier you can trust, don’t hesitate to contact Lewis Taxis.

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