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Why Choose Private Taxi Hire for Transport Around Cities?

Updated: Apr 22

Two cars with lit up taxi signs parked in a busy street

Cities are the central hubs of the world where the hustle and bustle of life is most prevalent. From busy workers and students to tourists and shoppers, city life has something for everyone. One of the downsides, however? Transportation.

Navigating a city can be a stressful experience. Public transport is often incredibly busy and unreliable, whereas driving is stressful and expensive - especially if there are congestion zones. Thankfully, there is an ideal alternative: taxis.

Read on below as we discuss how private taxi hire can be beneficial to you if you’re regularly visiting cities.


Being driven around is one of the most convenient forms of transport, especially in a city. With public transport, this usually doesn’t get you exactly where you need to be, rather you’ll have to walk to the closest bus stop or tube station, then walk from the stop you get off at to your final destination. On top of that, you may even have to change from one stop to another during your commute.

Taxis, on the other hand, get you directly from A to B, regardless of your start and end destination. Furthermore, with a private hire service, you don’t even need to worry about hailing down or calling a taxi company and hoping they have availability; instead, you can simply book ahead online to guarantee that they will be there to pick you up at the time you specify.


Arranging a private taxi ride allows you to enjoy a stress-free journey. Driving yourself around a city can be a stressful experience due to the concentration required and the busy surrounding traffic. This stress is heightened tenfold if you aren't familiar with the area and the roads you’re navigating.

Taxi drivers, in comparison, are often familiar with city areas as they are used to regularly driving around them. By relying on them to ferry you around, then you get to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of driving without the stress of doing so yourself.


Speaking of efficiency, that leads us on to our next point. Whilst many people do find public transportation a convenient option, it isn’t necessarily the most efficient. Firstly, buses, trams, trains and tubes often make multiple stops along their journey, prolonging your commute.

On top of that, you can’t always guarantee that they’re running on time; especially with the number of storms and rail and tube strikes that we’ve experienced over the past year, the resulting delays and cancellations significantly impact many people’s travel plans.

With a taxi, you will always be taken directly from A to B at the time that suits you most. The only delay you may experience on the way is if there is busy traffic or diversions, however, many taxi drivers have a good knowledge of the local areas and will be able to find an alternative route to ensure you get to your destination as efficiently as possible.

Would you benefit from a private taxi account? Get in touch with us here at Lewis Taxis. Our private and professional taxi service is guaranteed to meet your needs.

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